M14 Draft #1

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Pkakaris is doing his first M14 release draft with a Blue-Green deck with white splashing for Bonescythe Sliver and Indestructibility!

First Magic 2014 Booster
P1P1: Burning Earth
P1P2: Air Servant
P1P3: Sporemound
P1P4: Manaweft Sliver
P1P5: Divination
P1P6: Plummet
P1P7: Coral Merfolk
P1P8: Sensory Deprivation
P1P9: Scroll Thief
P1P10: Celestial Flare
P1P11: Fog
P1P12: Staff of the Mind Magus
P1P13: Fog
P1P14: Demolish
P1P15: Swamp

Second Magic 2014 Booster
P2P1: Windreader Sphinx
P2P2: Elvish Mystic
P2P3: Clone
P2P4: Rumbling Baloth (FOIL)
P2P5: Deadly Recluse
P2P6: Hunt the Weak
P2P7: Negate
P2P8: Cancel
P2P9: Nightwing Shade
P2P10: Time Ebb
P2P11: Fleshpulper Giant
P2P12: Thunder Strike
P2P13: Mind Rot
P2P14: Shrivel
P2P15: Cyclops Tyrant

Third Magic 2014 Booster
P2P1: Vastwood Hydra
P2P2: Enlarge
P2P3: Bonescythe Sliver
P2P4: Predatory Sliver
P2P5: Shimmering Grotto
P2P6: Scroll Thief
P2P7: Archaeomancer
P2P8: Naturalize
P2P9: Sentinel Sliver
P2P10: Indestructibility
P2P11: Lay of the Land
P2P12: Merfolk Spy
P2P13: Diabolic Tutor
P2P14: Suntail Hawk
P2P15: Island/mt_card]

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Unfortunately the opponent didn’t show up on round 3!


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